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2 GUILDMAG #21 | In This Issue
IN K S: R AIDING IN 2017 MMOINKS returns for another Annual to share more raid impressions.


14 LOOKING BACK ON THE PATH Guild Wars 2 streamer Age Nightroa d weighs up the pros and cons of t h e latest expansion .
66 COMMUNITY FA SHION: PATH OF FIRE EDITION Desert-themed outfits straight from our reader’s characters!
31 THRIFTY THRE A DS: PATH OF FIRE Resident fashionista X eroe share s how to unlock all the core Path of Fir e armour sets .
COMMUNITY ART Seven pages of beautiful artwork from across the community - go be amazed!


35 A LETTE R FR OM KOR A SANGBRE LL One Priory archon isn’t too happy about her latest assignment in Elona...
LEGACY The third part of Zachariah’s story con - tinues with Into the D ept hs .


18 GUIL D WARS 2 RELE ASE TIME LIN E All the releases from launch to Path of Fire in one handy timeline.
FIND ING HOPE Stablemaster Unja learns to find hope in her springer companions.


COMMUNITY GUILD S POTLIG H T Our Sanctuary is an NA guild for the LGBTQIA+ community - but there’s also far more to them...


28 THE HISTORY O F THE SUN S PEARS Draxynnic explores the history of this ancient Elonian order. MATTE RS OF ASCEN SION Augury Rock has returned, but hav e you ever wondered what exactly As - cension is ?


RE AP ING THE WHIRLWIN D Continuing our series on the lore of elite specialisations with the reaper.


06 T HE LAND OF ELONA REVEALED Starconspirator takes you o n a journey of Elona’s evolution from GW1 to now.
Nunc tempor luctus interdum | GUILDMAG #99
fter months of waiting , Path of Fire is now trul y here! It’s been a few months since th e ex- pansion’s release, and in that time we’ve ventu red to the exotic land s of Elona, battled a renegade god of war and witnessed the power o f Kralkatorrik. We’ve also seen th e commencement of Living World Season 4 with the debu t episod e “Daybreak” , and th e release of th e latest ra id the Hall of Chains. All in al l th en, th e l att er hal f of 20 17 w as a hugely busy time for Guild Wars 2 , so what better way to celebrate and remember it than with th e GuildMag Annu al 2017? In m y letter for last year’s Annual, I said that we hoped to make th e next even better and raise even more for a charitable cause. It’s therefore with great pleasure that I’m happy to announce we’ve don e just that! The physical edition of
this magazine helped us raise a total of $500 USD fo r WWF th is time around, which is no mean feat! Over the last 7 years I’ve witnessed GuildMag grow from a fl edglin g fansite to what’s no w the longest-serving Guild Wars 2 web- site still operating, with readers a ll around the world who h elp make what w e do po ssible. S o here’s to each and every one o f you. Whet h - er this is your fi rst experience with one of our magazines or y our twenty- fi rst, I sincerely hope you enjoy our con tent an d con tinue t o support us as we move into 2018 and b eyond. On that note, I’d like to extend my thanks to the content cr eators from across the commu nity w ho have, in some shape or anoth- er, contributed to this magazine alongside our regular team of amazingly talented players. You ’ll fi nd a list of our p artners over
the page, b ut I’d also like to give some honourable men tions to the followin g people not listed: Tauz As our senior copyedi- tor and IRL friend, you’ve give n up countless hours t o Guild- Mag over the years. Thank you for all your hard work on this issue and all the other s! Harper The friendliest Romanian swordsman in Guild Wars 2 . Thank you for the hundreds of screen- shots y ou contribu ted! Ponomous, Calum & the rest of our r aiders There’s too many of you to list, b ut thank you for sticking with GuildMag and the countless hours of fun ! So with all that said, I hop e you enjoy this magazine. Happy reading!
• • •
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Editor s Letter | GUILDMAG #21
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6 GUILDMAG #21 | HISTORY - The La nd of Elona Revealed

The Land of Elo



or hundreds of years, the land of Elona has been shrou ded in mystery. The san ds of the Crystal Desert, the sulfurous wastes of the Devastation an d the land s of Vabbi last seen in the o riginal game have once again been opene d to the ranks of Tyrian explorers. For those wh o played the fi rst game, returning to the Land of t he Golden Sun has brought with it waves of nostalgia and giddin ess, albeit with a (sometimes starkly) changed landscape under Joko’s reign. While Elona has been sealed aw ay,
its citizens living and dying at the whim of th e und ead king, many of the iconic locations from Prophec ies and Nightfall have undergone some transformations, w hilst others have remained somewhat the same. In th is special edition of GuildMag, we’re going to reveal the extent o f these changes… welcome back to the Elon a of old !


Players of the fi rst game found themselves in the Crystal Desert as they followed the story li ne of GuildWars: Prophecies , landing at A mn oon Oasis and A ugury Rock. Upon returnin g in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire , we also fi nd ourselves in Amnoon, now a free city. Years ago, the tiny port of Amnoon was the last chance people had to secur e supplies before heading into the Crystal Desert. Today, Amnoon has gro wn in to a large port city, arguably rivaling Lion ’s Arch in size and importance. Quite the di ff erence a couple of centuries make!
HISTORY - The Land of Elona Revealed | GUILDM AG #21



When leaving the oasis in the years before Nigh tfall, adventures would have come upon Destiny’s Go rge; a refreshing source of water for th ose wh o travel th e crystal sands. I n the past, this lush stretch of land house d a tribe of Losaru centaurs, and although the land is still verdant nowadays, there’s no sign of th e centaurs who once lived there. Even the Zephyrites who also on ce called the cli ff s home have abandoned their city, and the area has become h ome to Elonian refu gees.
8 GUILDMAG #21 | HISTORY - The La nd of Elona Revealed
During Prophecies , players entered the Crystal Desert to Ascend. There, we met the ghosts of the Elon ian s wh o had o nce tried themselves. On e of their lost cities, Elona Reach, ca n still b e seen today; bleached bones once kept shipwrecks company in the ghost town, but to day these ruins are gone, replaced b y a temple dedicated to Kormir .
Completing the trials of Ascension brought the Chosen t o Augury Rock, where inside the structure they faced a fi na l trial before being deemed worthy to meet th e dragon Glint. Current players of Path of Fire can fi nd their way into Augury Rock once again with Follower Kaidenna, a sylvari studying the ancient Trials.

Elona Rea


Augury Rock

HISTORY - The Land of Elona Revealed | GUILDM AG #21
Palawa Joko’s palace was already centuries old during the story of Nightfall when players fi rst came across it. From the Bone Pa lace, Joko consolidated his power , rallying his undead army to fi ght against fi rst Abbadon’s forces and later the Elon ian s. The Bon e Palace of today has certainly grown in magn i fi cence…

The Bone Palace

10 GUILDMAG #21 | HISTORY - The Land of Elo na R evea led
The lake called the Mirror of Lyss was believe d to b e made by Lyssa herself, and played h ost to a fl oating cathedral dedicated to the goddess. The Sun spear heroes once defeated a powerful demon o f Ab ad don that was summoned here to desecrate this place, but no t before the slaughter of the priestesses there - an act t ha t resulted in the def ection o f General Morgahn of Ko urna to the Sunsp ears.
When Abbadon rose u p against the other gods, they struck him down and imprisoned him here, creating the Real m of Torment. The surrounding land has been malignant ever since, twisted by the fallen god’s presence. During the events of Nightfall , the warmarshal Varesh Ossa opened a gateway to the Realm of Torment in her attempt to free Abbadon, and for centuries the vortex h as remain ed intact. Now Balthazar’s minio ns, the Forged, po ur from it.

Mirror of Lyss

Mouth of Torment

HISTORY - The Land of Elona Revealed | GUILDM AG #21
The main party destination in Elona, the Garden of Seborhin was where the Su nspear h eroes fi rst met the princes of Vabbi during Nightfall, and later returned to cleanse the garden from A baddon’ s in fl u ence. Having narrowly avoided Branding, the celebration con ti nues despite the threat of Branded an d Forged.

Garden of Se


14 GUILDMAG #21 | EDITORIAL - Looking Back on the Path
hen it comes to Pa th of Fire , the second Guild Wars 2 expan sion, there were q uite a few expectations stemming fr om it s predecessor Heart of Thorns , such as a stronger story, less of a mas- tery treadmill to do said story, and access to the map regardless of its meta event progress to name just a few. In this editorial for Gu ildMag, I want to look a t each of th e features introduced with PoF and examine how they felt at release, and how well th e expansion is performing a few mon ths dow n the road. The main attraction of any expa n- sion is the story, and Guild Wars 2 ’s story has been gradually getting better an d better over time, care- fully weaving the tale of our char- acters and their companions. In my opinion, PoF ’s story is th e best Guild Wars 2 narrative told so far, which I believe is mainly due to the focus o n character development, especially for our own character, which is somethin g I’ve never really felt before in previous Living World seasons or th e HoT story. In PoF , the story en counters themselves are more interesting with better mechanics to make th e instances and fi ghts more engaging, which is something I totally approve of. As we progress thro ugh the story we learn quite a few things, inclu ding answers to the older burning ques- tions like why the gods left Tyria or what R ytlock did i n the Mists. Spea k - ing of Rytlock, the main NPC charac- ters that join us in our adventures in the desert are himself, Canach and Kasmeer. Ou t of these three charac ters, I was most interest ed in Kasmeer because there was very
little character development for her in Livin g World Season Three where here she had to d eal with the huge task of facing down one of h e r gods. As a strong believer in the Six, Kas- meer has a lot of internal  turmoil about what she shou ld d o and it was interesting to see th e steps taken to d isplay how she confronts th is. In Act One she’s still in disb elief that Balthazar gave up on Tyria, but as the story progresses her resolve grows after witnessing th e p ower of the fallen god and his p lan for all of Tyria. While I’m on the topic of charac- ters from the story, one character that I found very compelling was Vlast, another o ff spring of Glint and Aurene’s older siblin g. Vlast sou ght to ful fi ll the duty that h is mother gave him, but ultimately felt the weight of that responsibility ver y heavily and grew more frustrated with his situation as time w ent on ,
in part due t o his discon nect from his caretakers and the races he was defending. It seems like he was fi gh t - ing a lo sing battle as he constantly fended o ff h ordes of Branded, and eventually Balthazar and the Forged , but his sense of duty outw eighed his perso nal feelings. That struggle to en dure and keep fi ghting was what made Vlast so compelling a s a charac ter. As w e transition through th e story, we adventu re through the beauti- ful maps that make up the Crystal Desert. Each of these la rge maps are uniq ue in their own right, wh ile retaining the desert theme and nostalgia from the original Guild Wars trilogy. A sense o f explo- ration is brou ght back as you take di ff erent p ath s to un lock more of the map, or try to fi nd interesting location s, wh ich is made possible due to meta event progress not being map-wide like in Heart of Thorns , but instead focu sed into sections of the map. One of the issues in Hea rt of Thorns was that some of the h ero points were not soloable - something recti fi ed in PoF so you can un lock elite special- izations at you r leisure. You cou ld say ArenaNet went b ack to their roots in terms of the maps, taking inspiration from c or e T yrian m aps that have meta events and hero points in a very similar fashion to


ing Back

On The Path

PoF’s story is the best Guild Wars 2 narrative told so far [. . .] mainly du e to the focus on characte r development .
Nunc tempor luctus interdum | GUILDMAG #99
16 GUILDMAG #21 | EDITORIAL - Looking Back on the Path
what can be seen in Path of Fire . The PoF meta events, with the pos- sible exception of th e casino coins in the Crystal Oasis, don ’t seem as lucrative reward-wise and probably need to be looked at down the road ; yet the map introduced with Living World Season 4 in N ovem b e r seem s to show that ArenaNet understands this point and can provide smaller meta events with good rewards. While I’m o n the subject o f the map s and rewards, I should cover boun- ties a s well. Boun ties are a bit of a nostalgic feature from the or iginal Guild Wars , replicating the feature of a bounty board fi lled with vari- ous bosses available to take down for a reward. What’s pretty gr eat about b ounties in PoF is that you do n ot need to go pick u p a b ounty from the board to earn credit for a kill; instead, you can random ly join one in progress and receive full rewards. The fi ghts themselves are good because they h ave engaging mechanics where you h ave to pay attention in order t o do damage or even survive. For example, on e mechanic is t ha t t h ere is a blue a ur a that requires players to be standin g in it in order to do damage , with thi s aura fl uctuating between being a ring for range damage and a circle for melee damage. Kills reward a speci fi c currency that can b e trad- ed into an NPC that sells Funerary armor and weapons (which are fan- tastic by the way), b ut each armor piece or weapon is only purchasabl e
after completing its related achieve- ment. It seems w here bou nty rewards are concerned, ArenaNet wants this activity to be the reward system in the long- term. To many people’s amusement, mounts were introduced with Path of Fire through the mastery system established in the previou s expan- sion. There are currently on ly fi ve mounts a player can obtain, bu t the twist is that each has its own strengths and weaknesses for trav- elling across the terrain; for exam- ple the raptor is the fastest land mount, while the springer is the bes t vertical mount and the skimmer is the be s t for t raversing across s u lfur , quicksand and water. Mounts are a lot of fu n to u se, especially in core Tyria, but on e small caveat is that the base mount skins only have one
dye channel wh ile the oth er mount skins, which can cu rrently only b e obtained in the gem store, have more dye o ptions. Lookin g back at HoT and gliders, the only gliders n ot tied to the gem store are the legen d - ary ones via PvP, WvW and fractals, which does raise the question if Ar e- naNet will introduce an interesting reward system to get any in-game obtainable mount skins like the leg- endary gliders. I’ve brie fl y touch ed on elite special- izations being easier to get in PoF due to the hero points b eing solo- able, but it’s worth comparin g them to the ones w e got in HoT . The Heart of Thorns elit e specs were straight up power boosts in one respect or another, bu t it seems ArenaNet wanted those in PoF t o have more of a niche roll. For example, the w a r - rior’s new elite specialization, the spellbreaker, is best played in PvP. Not to say t hat some PoF elite specs can’t be played in multipl e ga me modes, but for the most part there’ s a clear place where they excel. As time has gone on after release, it’s become apparent that some elite specs have a few problems fi n ding any means of use in other parts of the ga me. I n PvP, the HoT elite specialization herald is the more viable op tion for revenant players over its PoF counterpart renegade, which has seen very little to n o use in the mode - contrastingly, condi- tion renegade builds are currently popular amongst many raiders. It’s
EDITORIAL - Looking Back on the Path | GUILDMAG #21
important to n ote that HoT had an issue like this with a few of th e elite specs on its release as well, an d balance patches seemed to make things better in the en d, allowing each HoT elite spec t o be viable in each mode to some extent. I expect this trend to fo llow suit w ith Path of Fire , although players might have to wait a considerable amount of time for that to happen which is not ideal . This isn’t to say all elite specs shoul d be great in every mode, but they should be viable to a decent exten t because not every player will h ave every expansion and therefore will not have access t o every elite spec for their profession . Goin g back to my renegade example, if a player wanted to play revenant in PvP but only had PoF , said player would hav e a really hard time. There were qu ite a few features added with Path of Fire but on e new item that could be a bit o verlooked is the new guild hall Wind swept Haven, which is one of the most detailed guild halls out of the cur- rent three available. Sadly, outside of the eye candy value and some new scribing recipes, not much has changed in terms of gu ilds or guild halls. How about the other parts of the game that PoF did not impact beyon d elite spe- cializations,  such as Wv W, PvP, raid s and fractals which are on their ow n release schedule? It was pain fully apparent with Heart of Thorns th at a majority of WvW players did not like the Desert Borderlands and much p refered th e layout of the Alpin e Borderland s; in the same vein, a majority of PvP players did not like Stronghold and prefered the style of Con quest. Are- naNet took the safer approach by not havin g expansion content for those modes, and instead probed the commun ity for PvP and WvW features they w ould like to see and iterated on that feedback accord - ingly. The PvP and W vW devs had
some new forum threads go up in early December askin g players for some feedback o r a nswering fr e- quently asked questions, so it’s very likely that we’ll something signi fi - cant about WvW or PvP in the early months of 2018. Wh en it comes to raids and fractals, the fi fth raid wing Hall of Chains and the new fractal Twilight Oasis were released a t the end of November 2017 and it seem s those mod es will be on a fairly consistent release schedule, which might be throw n o ff at times du e to another expansion. If you h aven ’t yet, make sure you read MMOINKS’ impressions o f the la test raid o n page 40. Perhaps the biggest weakn ess of Path of Fire is in its ability to hold players in the maps for the long term, because currently it does not feel like there is much to do even if that might not be the case. I f Heart o f Thorns has shown anything in terms of sticking potential, it’s generally rewards via the meta events. Grant- ed, there was a rework to improve these rewards in HoT , but rewards are what make players come back, whether that be meta events or farming currency for a legendary . In the November patch, ArenaNet did add an alternate way to make second generation legendaries via the Gift of Desert Mast ery, which requires players to go back t o the PoF maps. Outside of the issues I ’ve out- lined in this arti- cle, Path of Fire is a fairly good ex pansion, providin g players with a much stronger sto- ryline, a sense of exploration in the Crystal Desert maps, challenging bounties and a twist to mou nts th at make them enjoyable to use beyon d a means of simple transportation .
Where bounty rewards are concerned, Are- naNet wants this activity t o be the reward system in th e long-term .
The Lost Shores release brought us Southsun Cove and th e first big attack on our beloved city of Lion ’s Arch.
04 Super Adventure Box
Super Adventure Box appeared right before Flame and Frost concluded; the start of a beautiful arcade adventure for all Tyrians.
06 Dragon Bash
Dragon Bash was an amazing festival celebrating resistance to th e Elder Dragons. Of course, the celebration didn’t end so well for a certain membe r of th e Captain’s C ouncil.
08 Bazaar of the Four Winds
On the other end was the Bazaar of the Four Winds, introducing the Zephyrites and showing that not all sky-farin g peop le are ruthless cutthroats.
10 Queen’s Jubilee
The Queen of Kryta celebrated humanity ’s independen ce and strength through a series of fantastically challen gi ng gauntlets!







Launch is probably the most memorable experience for ever y Guild Wars 2 veteran; where it all began.
game Launch 01
Flame and Frost was split into four parts and herald ed th e first season of what we now know as the Living W orld.
Flame and Frost 03
The two Southsun u pdates in tro duced us to both th e Co nsortium and to the delightfully sn arky Canach.
Southsun 05
The Sky Pirates of Tyria was th e introdu ction to a faction that turned th e world upside down. These were the precursors to wh at we no w call th e Aetherblades.
Sky Pirates of Tyria 07
Of c o u rse, that d idn’t stop ou r own grou nd - d welli ng T y r ians f ro m followin g that trend on the political battle fi eld. Finding the voting tokens all over the Zephyrite airships did make for quite a n un usual voting system, though it was still a boat-load of fu n!
Cutthroat Politics 09
Guild Wars 2 is over fi ve years old! Over the last half decade we’ve been throu gh more than 45 major releases; we’re now at the second expansion and things are l o oking very good for our bel o ved franchise, and that’s why I think it’s time we too k a step back and just admire how far we’ve come. T o celebrate th e jou rney from launch to Path of Fire , GuildMag ha s put togeth er a timeline o f all the g ame’s major releases. For the sake of space, we’ve excluded Halloween and Wintersday since they come around every year and we’re all pretty familiar with them an yway. So without further ado, enjoy this Guild Wars 2 release timeline!
12 SAB: Back to School
Moto returned to teach all the young progeny the importan ce of retro platformers.
14 Twilight Assault
The first new dungeon path added to the game since launch brought us the Aetherpath in Twilight Arbor.
16 Fractured
We delved in to the M ists to investigate new fractals and uncover th e truth about Tyria’s past and futu re.
18 The Edge of the Mists
We found uncharted grounds in the Mists t o further our ad van tage in the everlasting war! This the fi rst new map added to WvW and is still frequente d by the entire commun ity .
20 April 2014 Feature Pack
A bucketload of new features for all of us to enjoy! The most n otab le of these were the wardrobe and megaserver systems .
22 Gates of Maguuma
Our epic journey to the west began as tragedy struck our sky-faring friends. The Master of Peace was missing and the Zephyrite fleet burned in Dry Top.
Tequatl’s master is gone and he’s n one too happy abou t it. Players flocked to Sparkfly fen to battle the new Sun less Scourge, n ow stronger than ever.
Tequatl Rising 13
The Tower of Nightmares rose from the depths for two episodes of Living World, changing the face of Kessex Hills forever and introd ucing us to an alliance of toxic enemies.
Tower of Nightmares 15
We delved deeper into Scarlet’s psyche to fi nd out just what made her tick. In Origins, we discovered her base and read her secret journals to get an idea of how sh e became so tw isted .
The Origins of Madness 17
This epic three-part chapter marked the death o f old Lion’s Arch. We watched as Scarlet destroyed our beloved city, then rose to defend its remains. In the culmination of this attack, Scarlet met her demise, and we came to learn of the Jungle Dragon ’s existence.
Battle for Lion’s Arch 19
The Zephyrites return to the Labyrinthine Cliffs to share their wares and wisdom.
Festival of the Four Winds 21
Unfortunately, our old friend S carlet Briar had other plans for the Qu een’s Jubilee. Chaos ensu ed as the Queen’s new machin es were twisted an d turned again st those th ey were bu ilt to protect.
Clockwork Chaos 11
24 The Dragon’s Reach
Rytlock dove into the Mist s and o ur heroes tried to forge allia nces between the natio ns of Tyria.
26 Echoes of the Past
Our heroes journeyed to a hidden library an d the lair of an old prophet...
28 Seeds of Truth
The truth was revealed and the past made clear. What were the origin s of the sylvari? And what was the Pale Tree hid ing from u s?
30 Free to Play
Guild Wars 2 opened its doors to a whole n ew world of players!
32 Spirit Vale
Raids came to the Guild Wars 2 scene with a bang, starting with the fi rst wing of Forsaken Thicket!
34 Salvation Pass
The second wing of Forsaken Thicket revealed the order behind th e Spirit Vale bandits: the White M an tle.
Mordremoth’s corruption spread across Tyria in a wave of death and destruction, leaving massive vines and tragedy in its w ake.
Entanglement 23
An even bigger bucketload of features! This time with an updated Trading Post and a better experience for new p lay ers.
September 2014 Feature Pack 25
We chased after the Master of Peace in order to retrieve the mysterious Dragon Eg
Tangled Paths 27
We were on the Dragon’s do orstep ; there was no more turnin g back…
Point of No Return 29
We took the fight to the Jun gle Dragon in th e largest featu re and story update the game had ever seen!
Heart of Thorns 31
It’s like a feature pack, but seasonal! This time, we took to the skies in central Tyria and fought an even stronger Sh atterer.
Winter 2016 Quarterly Update 33
36 Spring 2016 Quarterly Update
The birth of spring brought the birth of new features! The Heart of Maguum a was updated and HoT owners all received a free level 80 boost!
38 Stronghold of the Faithful
In the culmination of the Forsaken Thicket storyline, raiders assaulted the White Mantle’s enclave and raced to stop X era’s n efariou s plan...
40 Rising Flames
We journeyed south to the hellish Fire Island chai n in ord er to learn more about the nature of Elder Drag ons.
42 The Head of the Snake
We cut o ff the head of the snake an d crushed the White Mantle’s attack on Divinity’s Reach! The standalone raid Bastion of the Penitent was also released, where an old foe awaited ...
44 Flashpoint
We revealed a god, met the ancient druids and glimpsed another Eld er Dragon all in one amazin g chapter!
46 Path of Fire
Both Balthazar and Kralkatorrik’s call drew us to the land of sand and adventure! Elona was calli ng...
Moto returned with what could only be described a s the most loved festiva l in Tyria.
Super Adventure Festival 35
The competitive PvP scene got its day i n the sun with the advent of Leagues.
PvP Leagues 37
The world stood in shock as a dead race, th e mursaat, came back to life before ou r eyes.
Out of the Shadows 39
As a nice change after all that heat, Braham lured us north to an especially icy part of the Sh iverpeaks.
A Crack in the Ice 41
Moto was back with his box of platformer goodn ess!
Super Adventure Festival 43
We returned to Orr to chase down Balthazar, th e hu man god of war.
One Path Ends 45
28 GUILDMAG #21 | LORE - The History of the Su nspe a rs
espite the tragedies of recent events, there have also been opp or- tunities; th e openin g u p of the lands of Elona, and hence the opportu nity t o study them, that h as not been availab le since the con- quest of the region by Palawa Joko centuries ago. With this opportunity , however, comes a dilemma: should the organisations of northern Tyria, including our own Priory, ou tward ly cooperate with the lich king, despite all of the risks that such cooperatio n would en tail? Or sh ould we throw our support behind the factions tha t oppo se him, in h opes of bringing him down an d earning th e ability to visit and study the region with out his restrictions and censorship of the truth? In making such a d ecision, it behooves us to familiarise ourselve s as much a s possible with th e histo- ries and activities of the organ isa - tions and individuals in qu estion. While Palawa Joko’s true origins remain a mystery - probably largely due to his own e ff orts at obfu sca- tion - I believe that w e do have the pieces to put together to u nder- stand one o f the organisations that sta nd s against h i m: t he r e mn a nts o f the Order o f the Su nspears.
The organisation known as the Sun- spears was formed by Queen Nadi- jeh o f the Primeval Dynasty as the Sunspear Guard, actin g as the royal protectors of the Primeval Dynasty. Despite their connections with the Primeval Kings a nd Queens, most of the Sunspear Guard were not interred i n the Tomb of the Primeva l Kings, but instead were buried in a series of crypts south of Fahru nar, the ancien t Istanian capital, in the region that would later be know n as Lahten da Bogs. Even the most ancient of the Sunspears, however, have shown a reluctan ce to pass easily into the Un derworld - some of their spirits remain and could be invoked by their living successors as late as 1078 AE, while others mani- fest in the Tomb of Primeval Kin gs as ghostly gu ardians of th e crypts of their monarchs. When the Prime- val Dynasty was brought t o an end by the Scarab Plague, as the living Sunspears evacuated and sealed o ff a ff ected settlements, yet mor e ghostly Sunspears appeared t o take up an eternal vigil, preventing the living from gaining access to the city and thus protecting the dangero us artifacts of Abaddon beneath the city. With the fall of unifi ed governan ce

The Sunspear G





The History of

the Sunspears

Being a transcript of a lecture by Scholar Eleanor Draxynnus in the Season of the Scion in the year 1330 AE. BY DRAXYNN IC
LORE - The History of the Sunspea rs | GUILDMAG #2 1
of Elona, the survivors of the Sun- spear Guard were left w ithout a mandate. Un der the leadership of Sogolon the Prot ector, they reformed into the Order of the Sun - spears, an independent order th at sought t o protect Elon a as a w hole from threats both internal and external, while remaining above the politics of the various nation-states that arose in the vacu um left by the fallen dynasties. To this end, with the resettlement of eastern Ista n, the Sunspears established a n ew headquarters in the Plains of Jarin near the growing port-city of Kama- dan. It was from here that the Orde r took on new missions, fi ghting alongside Turai Oss a against Palaw a Joko’s fi rst invasion, and protectin g the people of Elona against threats such a s harpies, corsairs, skale, and the h ighly aggressive Elonian h ylek know n as heket. Their greatest test, however, would come with the o nset of Nightfall in 1075 AE. What began a s a fi ght again st an upsurge of corsair activity lead to the discovery of a conspiracy by Warmarshal Varesh Ossa of Kourna to destabilise Istan, granting her the opportunity to raid Fahru nar for artifacts of the fallen god Abaddon in an e ff ort t o return him t o Tyria. In response, Spearmarshal Kormir rallied the Sunspears, along w ith the navy o f Istan an d veterans of the fi gh ting in Cantha and Kryta, in order t o launch an invasion of Kourna aimed at endin g Varesh Ossa’s schemes. A t fi rst, the Su n- spear assault made good progress, reaching the Plaza of the Five Gods at the heart of the island fortress of Gandara. But they were to o slow: as they arrived, Varesh completed a ritual to summon demons that tore the heart out of the Sunspear army. The survivors sca ttered into the wilderness of Kourna, while Kormir herself was captured and blinded b y the summo ned creatures. Led by the S unspear strategist
Dunkoro and a Sunsp ear o ffi cer whose name has been lo st to histo- ry, the surviving Sunspears rallied, forming an insurgency from a hid- den sanctuary near th e village of Ronjok. From here, the Sunspea rs were able to rescue many of th e prisoners that h ad been captured by the Kournans, including Kormir herself - although her contact with Abadd on’s demon s wou ld soon cause her to be pulled in to the Realm of Torment. When Va resh Ossa moved into Vabbi and then th e Desolation, the Sunspears followed, doing what they cou ld to protect Vabbi from Varesh’s Margonite followers and fi nally cornerin g her at the Mouth of Torment. Desp ite the warmarshal’s death, the battle triggered the open ing of th e M outh of Torment, granting th e band o f Sun spea rs res p onsible the oppo rtu- nity to push forward into the Realm of Torment where they would fi n d Kormir once again. With the aid of Sunspear ghosts rallied by Kormir within the Realm, and the Forgotten custodians that survived within that plane, a small band of Sunspears and their allies were able to push deep into Torment and slay Abad- don, paving the way for Kormir’s ascension in his place. Yet with this victory came the seeds of their o wn destruction .
In order to pursue V aresh Ossa acr o s s the otherwise impassible su l - phurous wastes of th e Desolation, the Sunspears released Joko from his priso n in exchange for a means of passage and the assistance of his A wakened armies against Varesh’s forces. As part of the arrangement, the S unspears and the Order of Whispers demanded that Joko revea l the route of his surprise attack against Vabbi two cen turies before, which he readily d id. The n ext time his b id for conq uest wou ld come, it wou ld be b y another means… Instead of a direct assault, J oko
diverted the fl ow of the Elon River, leaving the people of Kourna drought-stricken. Withou t the mili- tary strength of Kourna, the people of Elona were helpless t o resist his demands, amongst which were the destruction of the Order of the Sun- spears - Joko made it illegal for any- one t o own a spear, and demanded that the Sunspears be turned over to him. Some such Sunsp ears were converted to h is cause, forming the Mordan t Crescent. Others formed an in surgency, opposing his forces from hidden pla ces in the desert o r speaking out against him and his h istorical “revisions”.



nst the M




The Fa


l (and Rise?)



the Sunspears

30 GUILDMAG #21 | LORE - The History of the Su nspe a rs
Of special note is the last Spearmar- shal of the Order, Princess Tahlko- ra. The daughter of Prince Meht u of Vabbi, keeper of the libraries a t Chokhin (sin ce burned by Palawa Joko), Tahlkora was among the band wh o freed Joko an d defeated Abaddon. Because of this, at lea st at fi rst, Joko was afra id to simply
kill Spearm arshal Tahlkora lest she become a martyr. Instead, Joko resorted to maiming her as she spoke out against him, tak- ing h er tongue so she cou ld not speak, and taking her ey es so she could not write. E ven deaf and mute, however, Tahlkora was too potent a symbol for Joko to allow
to remain. In the end, he conclu ded that she was just as dangerou s as a living symb ol as a potential martyr and decided to kill her, hopin g that she could be A wakened and becom e a tool to legitimise h is rule rather than a symbol to opp ose it. Mirac- ulously, even this failed as so me- how Tahlkora retain ed her ow n w ill after her death and reanimation. In response, Joko took back her animat - ing force and left her to lie impoten t - ly in the mountain s near Vehtend i. In the centuries since, the Order of the Sunspears have continued to d windle. Some few remain, but explorers in the desert are probably more likely to encou nter the Mor- dant Crescent or the ghost o f a dea d Sunspear than a living Sunspear tha t holds true to the ideals of the Order . R umour has it, though, that this ma y be changing - that the Sun spears have taken advantage of Joko’s recent absence an d established a new sanctuary east of the Brand, having somehow tamed gri ff ons as mounts to fl y them across the Brand t o stri ke at Joko’s empi re w ith impunity. If this is true, then Joko ’s rule might fi nd itself increasin gly imperilled by a rebellion th at h e is unable to put down at its sou rce. After all, Varesh’s defeat has sho wn what even a small number of Sun- spears can do against greater num- bers as long as their base is secu re, and in time the Branding of eastern Vabbi may prove to b e a b lessing in dis guise, an opportunity for those seeking the liberation of Elon a.
After the original delivery of this lecture, reports began to arrive of a revolution in Istan, led by t he Dragonslayer and a newly appo inted Spearmar - shal, apparently th e fi rst since Joko’s conquest.









EDITORIAL - Thrifty Threads: Path of Fire | GUILDMAG #21






ail, heroes and adventurers! Are you ready for a satisfyingly sandy and masterfully mummi fi ed Thrifty Threads? I know I am! This edition isn’t abo ut a con ceptual idea for an o ut fi t; instead, I wanted to go over all the brand new armour sets av ailable
with the release of the Path of Fire expansion. The new armou r sets are truly magni fi cent; I’m just blown away at the level of artistry put into each piece, and each set of armour is so varied a s well. You can venture the treacherous dunes in yo ur Elonian or S pearm a r shal a pparel, o r as mummi fi ed royalty ready to take
back the lan d, adorned in Funerary armour! On th e other hand, why not combat the Forged in pro per Warbeast armour? Or hunt down the Crystal Desert’s most fearsome foes in bounty hunter attire? Path of Fire gives you many opportunities t o mix and match a million times over! Embarking on an adventure to such a place as the Elonian Desert requires the right get-up, so who better to have as a fashion con sultant than the Elonians? They have con quered the desert for hu ndreds of years, and in doin g so have made th e perfect out fi ts t o wear for an y of your adventuring needs! They ’ve created the perfect blen d o f loose fabric and adorn ments while keepin g you protected against whatever lurks b eyond the d unes. But it d oesn’t stop there; the Order of the Sunspears h ave upgraded to an even fancier, fl ashier statement piece! If you’re lookin g to complete your fashion-forward desert look, then look no further: the Elon ian and Spearmarshal out fi ts provide the perfect so lution.
32 GUILDMAG #21 | EDITORIAL - Thrifty Threads : Path of Fire
Out of all the n ew armou r sets, Elonian is the easiest to obtain. Just fi nish the Path o f Fire story and alon g the way yo u’ll earn all 3 armour types with ease! The Sp earmarshal armour isn’t hard to get either; y ou can choose a piece after the fi nal PoF mission. Ou tside o f the story, you can learn how to craft it from various heart vendors around th e Elonian Desert. Tha nkful ly they aren ’t t oo pri cey to craf t ei t her if y ou n ee d to buy t he mat eri al s; th e li s t of vendors and th eir l ocations are to the rig ht. Similar to the Elonian an d Spearmarshal sets, the Funerary set combines di ff erent elemen ts to make it a n artistic yet powerfu l looking armo ur . M ummy wrappings , and armour that looks very pointy, decorative and regal, makes you turn into a high king o r queen ready t o take the land back from Joko and Balthazar! Delvin g into forbidden ruin s and u nlocking the dead royalty’s secrets comes with a dangerous downside, bu t unlockin g those secrets brings w ith it th e Funerary armour. These sets were worn by the ancien t Primeval kings and queens of Elona - a perfect d i s guise for any who wish to travers e the Crypt of the Royal K ings a t th eir leisure. For all the necromancer s out there, these sets provide ample opportunity to enhance your deathl y ( or death-d efying) look! Personally I know I’ve always wanted to be a hig h fashion mummy. The Funerary armour sets require you to complete collection achievements per armour piece, which are shown o n the righ t. After you have fi nish ed a collection, when travelling to the Tomb of Primeval Kings you ’ll n otice a vendor wh ich will let y o u purchase the piec e (s) yo u have un locked.
Adisa: Ustulate Barrens Assistant Foreman Kofi : Arid Gladefields Ebele: Elon River lands Follower Dawnwynn: Augury R ock Follower Xunn: Skyward Reac h Groffmok: Aub urn Hills Mehmet: Free City of Amnoo n Skimmer Trainer Ardra: Skimmer Ranch Stablemaster Unja: Stam pede Uplands Tendaji: Diviner’s R each Veteran Choya Chief : Brightwater Inlet
Head: Washing th e Brow Shoulders : R ecitation of the Litany of Deed s Chest: Glorify the Golden Heart Gloves: Exaltation of the Guardians Legs : The Collection of Tribute Boots: Walk th e Land

Elonian Ar




nery Armour



EDITORIAL - Thrifty Threads: Path of Fire | GUILDMAG #21
The bo unty system introduced in Path of Fire is a great a ddition to the game, and what better way to celebrate bou nty h unting than with its very own out fi t! The nice thing about the Bounty H unter’s armour sets is their ability to mix and match w ith other armour pieces. For example, armour like the Primeval heavy set or the Tribal light armour set work very well with a combination of Bou nty H unter’s armour. That’s n ot to say the Boun ty Hu nter’s sets aren’t great on their own, but having a b etter opportu nity to use them in more looks is de fi nitely a h uge ben e fi t. There are three main ways t o acquire pieces from the Boun ty Hunter’s set. The recipe for th e gloves, legs and shoulders are sold by Priory Historian Elisa, who can
be fou nd in a certain Crystal Desert region, changing zones on a weekly basis. Ley-Infused S an d can h elp you check if she’ s in you r zone, or alternatively check the o ffi cial wiki. She also changes her deals daily and/or weekly. Meanwhile, the recipe for the chest is rewa rded uncommon ly on legendary bou nty missions. Finally to fi nish any pieces you wanted that weren’t listed, there is a Crystal Desert PvP and WvW reward track for you to work towards! The fi nal armour set is none other tha n th e man iacal ly metal War beast variety. Armour of this qua lity seemingly makes you fi t right into Balthazar’s Forged army ready to take the Crystal Desert by storm ; it has a very pointed, yet smooth an d sleek, design. Something I found similar was the parts of the Zodiac armour sets that blen ded well w ith the Warbeast armour - so there’s
room for experimentation! Not only does the armou r have a semi-gloss metal fi nish, but certain pieces like the heavy shoulders have luminou s orbs being held by twisted points all around. Other sets have that same orb material but in-lined in parts of the gloves o r boots, etc. This armou r gives o ff a very futuristic vibe, especially the light armour, but at the same time it fi ts right in with the rest of the game’s aesthetic wh ilst being di ff erent enough t o make a name for itself. Having a name like Warbeast is sure to turn head s when you show o ff th ese out fi ts. Obtaining this armour set can be more elusive than you think. All in all , you get the pieces through craftin g ; to get the recipes you have to defea t champion Forged to obtain Battere d Forged Components, so really it’s your lu ck in RNG and prowess on the Forged- fi lled d unes that will see you with y our own masterfully crafted Warbeast armour. Good luck!
RE: Durmand Priory Report: Rumors of an an cient spea rmarshal prese nc e in the Do main of Vabbi Steward Gixx, If I ever make it back t o Priory Hea d quarters, I ’m quittin g. I mean i t this time. Do you k now how hot i t is in Elon a? I feel like I’ m dying . Th e air is so dry and yet I sweat all day. I sweat through my clothes faster than this thrice- cursed heat can dry them, leaving me over heated, damp, and sticky for as long as the sun is in the sky. Th is is worse than that time you sent me to search for Quaggan relics o ff the coast of Orr! It’s already the season of the Colossus; I should be sitting in the Priory Library, sipping tea, enjoying the snowfall… but no. You had to agree with me when I suggested an investigation into the rumors surrounding an ancient Elonian spearmarshal. You k now I hate the heat. Now I understand why you left the room laughing after agreeing to fund my expedition. Right. On to business. I found her. It wasn’t easy; I had to travel much farther southeast than original research suggested. Far past the poisonous sands of the Desolation, to the very ed ges of the D omain of V a bbi, but I did fi nd her. Or should I say, I found what’s left of her. Tahlkora, daughter of Prince Mehtu the Wise, Guardian of the Great Library of Chokhin, and last Spearmarshal of the Order of the Sunspears. In Amnoon, she’s spoken of with great regard. She’s a folk hero, and her adventures are told in tales around the fire. She became what Palawa Joko never wanted to turn her into - a martyr in the fight against his rule. Sh e was b orn s ome time arou n d e i ther the e n d of 1057 AE or b egi nn ing o f 1058 AE. I’ve not been a ble t o p i np o i n t an exact date as of yet* due to the realities that after the second rise of Palawa Joko many records were either lost, intentionally destroyed, or worse - they were altered t o re fl ect Joko’s propagandized version of history. She was born into nobility, becoming a priestess of Lyssa at a young age. Despite her sheltered upbringing - or perhaps because of it - sh e ra n a way from h ome s hortly a fter turning 18. I keep h earing a bout her desire t o trave l the world and live a grand life “like the great adventurers the storytellers spin tales a bout.” She succeeded, for better or worse. She teamed up with a band o f her o es and fought against the corrupt warmarshal V aresh O ssa, before continuin g the fi ght against the fallen god Abaddon to prevent Nightfall. During this time, she fell in love with another member of the traveling party: the warrior Koss Dejarin (see ‘Koss on Koss’ located in the Special Collections section of the Durmand Priory Library). Upon realizing that Koss and another party member, Melonni, were i n love with each other, she stepped aside. She never fell i n love again. Maybe she just didn’t live long enough to have the chance.
From the o ffice of Kora Sangbrell Department of Lore
Steward Gixx Durmand Prio ry Head quarters Lornar’s Pass Shiverpeak Mountains 19 Colossus 1330 A E
It should be noted that it was also this group who released Palawa Joko from his prison. Th ey needed his aid to cross the Desolation and stop the Warmarshal from unleashing Nightfall; I believe this is what they call irony. Following the battle against Abaddon and the ascension of Kormir, Tahlkora rose to prominence across Elona. She spoke, and the people listened. Th is was not to